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​Infection Control Risk Assessment
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In our vastly growing society today, existing hospitals are not being imploded and rebuilt, but rather they are adding additions and remodeling existing structures to abide by code and accommodate their communities. Therefore, the demand for general contractors and internal construction/maintenance personnel has increased dramatically. With that, comes more guidelines and regulations for workers to follow, and has pushed the topic of Infection Control Risk Assessment to the forefront. Infection Control Risk Assessment, better known as “ICRA” guidelines, are a set of standards that hospitals look to - to make sure that contractors are ensuring a safe and contained work zone while they are performing projects in hospitals. 

As a member of the American Hospital Association, ICRA Solutions mission is to be a liaison between educating contractors and hospital personnel by providing a hub for some of the top trainers in the country to gather and thus become certified/accredited in the field of hospital construction. Whether you are a General Contractor, Restoration Contractor, Mechanical Contractor, HVAC Contractor, Firestop Contractor, Cabling Contractor, Plumber, etc, and if you aspire to land more hospital projects, let ICRA Solutions be a resource for you! 

Our classes will be held in Atlanta, Georgia. We have staff on hand to make this an easy venture for you and your colleagues. 


Amy Walker has been a consultant and worked hand in hand with hospital contractors and hospital maintenance personnel for years. Previously working as a Regional Manager for a company that made ICRA items for dust control and containment, Amy was inundated with questions from contractors about how to properly run a project while following ICRA guidelines. She saw a huge need and an opportunity to then become a resource for any genre of contractors wanting to take on hospital projects. Through her years of networking with some of the top trainers and Industrial Hygienists, she has created a training hub to help take ones level of knowledge for hospital construction guidelines to the next level.