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​Infection Control Risk Assessment

When a contractor of any genre is starting to work in a hospital it can be a bit intimidating with all the protocol and standards that must be followed and maintained throughout a project. ICRA Solutions LLC. wants to help your company earn a stellar reputation in the hospital market, ensuing your company’s legacy maintains a lifelong business relationship amongst the hospital construction industry.  

ICRA Solutions LLC. hires consultants based on their knowledge of the healthcare construction industry. Our consultants will have a vast knowledge in Regulatory Compliance, Life Safety, & Joint Commission Regulations. Consultants will be able to step by step guide a contractor to ensure that they are properly maintaining their workspace and following all Infection Control Risk Assessment Procedures.

The premise of this consulting is to help contractors who are working on a hospital construction project and feel that they need to make sure they are complying with all aspects of infection control risk assessment needs and are looking for a source to assist them via email, phone, or in person. An hourly rate will be assessed per hour that the consultant is performing work and instructing the client. The client will have the option to pay then via Credit Card for the services provided once the agreement has been signed, or on a Net 15 Term for an ongoing project. However, clients will be invoiced every Friday, per week, for the consulting provided. On a Net 15 term, a credit card number will be taken up front. Clients will not be charged unless payment is not received after 15 days from the date of invoice. Our consultant’s knowledge it too valuable to not have strict payment regulations. Clients who do not pay ICRA Solutions LLC after 15 days from the billing date will be subject to collections. 

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